The Leadership Team of the Fresno Teachers Association is composed of the four Officers and six Director’s-at-large elected by the FTA active membership.

The Role of the Leadership Team

The Leadership Team exercises all of the appropriate powers of the Association subject to the restrictions provided by state and federal law, Association By-laws, and the policies established by the Representative Council. 


Review strategic plans and programs

Including budget development and oversight.


Approve Appointments

For our Committee chairs and new members.


Ensure Success

To meet the mission and goals of our Association.


Manuel Bonilla


Peter Beck

Vice President

Kerry McNeal-Roberts


Chris Finley


Directors At Large

Marina Santos

Director at Large

Teri Reichert

Director at Large

Deborah Schmidt

Director at Large

Michael Clark

Director at Large

Linda Herman

Director at Large

Rom Orm

Director at Large

Directors At Large Elect

Marisa Rodriguez

Director at Large Elect

Meghan Schimmel

Director at Large Elect

Professional Staff

Louis Jamerson

Executive Director

Magdalena Gomez

Associate Director

Janette Lomeli