Three Years of Incorrect Salary Info. Given to CA Dept. of Ed.

Fresno Unified’s administration has provided the California Department of Education with erroneous maximum teacher salary information since the 2013-14 school year. Last week we reported that FUSD’s admin. submitted inaccurate teacher salary comparisons to FUSD trustees via a board communication. These comparisons are important because trustees use them to measure competitiveness with other districts during bargaining cycles.…

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Honest Mistake? Or Attempt to Mislead Board Trustees?

Fresno Unified’s administration gave board trustees false information regarding teacher salaries, in a recent board communication. The board communication was in response to a trustee’s request for salary comparisons with local and regional school districts. This data is often used by board trustees in bargaining cycles to determine the district’s competitiveness with other school districts in…

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From the Bargaining Room, Hard to Know Hanson is Gone

Today is an important milestone in the Fresno Teachers Association’s contract negotiation with Fresno Unified School District. Today marks the exact halfway point of negotiations under the leadership of Bob Nelson and his predecessor, Michael Hanson. Contract negotiations started 430 days ago under Michael Hanson and continued until board trustees terminated his contract on January…

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